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Webinar transcript: What can the Ebola response teach us for future health outbreaks in cities?


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Keywords:Communications, media & information, Disasters, Epidemics & pandemics, Health, Internal Displacement, Refugees/IDPs, Urban, Urban design/planning
Countries:Guinea, Liberia, Sierra Leone
Agency:ALNAP, DRC - Danish Refugee Council, ECHO - European Community Humanitarian Office, UN Habitat, UNICEF - United Nations Children's Fund
Date published:July 2017

This is the transcript for ALNAP's urban webinar: What can the Ebola Response teach us for future health outbreaks in cities?

What can the Ebola response teach humanitarians about future health outbreaks in cities?

Is quarantine ethical? How can humanitarian organisations engage with multiple communities at once? What should you do when there is high levels of population movement in a public health crisis like Ebola?

Two years on, we will hear about the challenges and learnings around the urban-specific aspects of the Ebola response. We discuss the main challenges and leanings with people who were working in Sierra Leone, Guinea and Liberia during and after the crisis.

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