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Adapting humanitarian response to a changing world

The Urban Humanitarian Response Portal is a global site to share knowledge on urban humanitarian crises.

The site includes programme reports, lessons learnt, policies, tools and methodologies relevant to responding to crises in urban environments.

We like to invite you to contribute relevant documents, events and blogs.


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Mapping in Urban Humanitarian Response
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Latest discussions from the Urban Response Community of Practice

18 August: Re: GIS (Alesh / apt-info.org)

Hey Robert and all, Big thanks for the info, checking it out now. I was thinking it might be useful to use this email thread to see if there any other GIS applications useful for humanitarian needs? L...

16 August: Re: GIS (Alesh / apt-info.org)

Hi Alesh, Sorry for the delay. Awful week, lots of travel, etc.. Thoughts below: Top line thought: you're going to have to invest in modifying an existing platform. I would take the strongest platform with ...

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