Urban Refuge: How Cities are Building Inclusive Communities

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01 Nov 2018
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Forced displacement and migration, Urban, Urban design/planning

This report published by the International Rescue Committee with support from Citi serves as a call to action for private sector and international humanitarian actors to build on the initiative that city governments are showing in building inclusive communities for displaced populations.


  1. Cities are expanding their existing services to include displaced residents, especially social services such as primary education and healthcare.
  2. Acknowledging the unique experiences of displaced residents, cities are creating new policies and programs targeting not only their needs but also those of all residents in need.
  3. Regardless of crisis, cities have goals and strategic plans that can serve as roadmaps for the achievement of both humanitarian and development outcomes in the long term.
  4. Collaboration between cities, the private sector and humanitarian organizations increase programs’ reach and efficacy, and maximizes limited resources 
  5. Cities are exchanging lessons across diverse contexts and showing solidarity in taking a stand on behalf of their displaced populations.