The State of Humanitarian Shelter and Settlements 2018

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Date published
01 Dec 2018
Research, reports and studies
humanitarian action, Shelter and housing, System-wide performance
Global Shelter Cluster

The State of Humanitarian Shelter and Settlements report will become a biannual publication with an aim to raise the profile and understanding of the humanitarian shelter and settlements sector, by providing a comprehensive picture of humanitarian shelter needs and offering an analysis of current trends with the supporting statistical evidence base.

The 2018 edition of the report explores a general theme of “What is Humanitarian Shelter and Settlements and Why It Is Important?” in three parts:

  • Part 1: A series of chapters and text boxes by leading thinkers, practitioners and representatives from a diverse group of those engaged in addressing the issue of humanitarian shelter needs, discussing challenges and opportunities
  • Part 2: A number of articles elaborating on tools and understandings within the sector. 
  • Part 3: A mapping and statistical analysis of current humanitarian shelter needs and responses as well as trends and evolution of the shelter and settlements sector within the humanitarian system.