Migration Policy Practice | Vol. VIII, Number 3

Ardittis, S., Laczko, F. et al.
Publication language
Date published
01 Oct 2018
Poverty, Forced displacement and migration, Urban

Despite increasing recognition of global migration’s impact on development, there has been far less discussion regarding how to incorporate migration into plans for meeting the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). This special issue of Migration Policy Practice, guest-edited by Jessica Hagen-Zanker and Katy Long, explores how migration intersects with a number of key development areas, and how these relationships affect the delivery of the SDGs. It draws from a series of 12 policy briefings by the Overseas Development Institute (ODI) that analyse the interrelationships between migration and key development areas, namely, poverty, decent work, urbanization, gender, education, health, social protection, water and sanitation, energy, citizenship, technology and climate change. The five articles included in the special issues look into a specific area in which migration intersects with development, setting out the case for including migration in SDG planning in persuasive terms.