Final Report of the Venice City Solutions 2030 – Financing the SDGs at local level

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17 Nov 2018
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Cities cannot be an opportunity for all in the absence of able, capable and accountable local governments. Local and regional governments all over the world are already committed to implement the SDGs at local level and their global networks have been very present in the design and first stages of implementation of the Agenda 2030. According to UN agencies such as the United Nations Capital Development Fund, investing at local level also produces one of the highest returns in investment and it touches the lives of people right away. This first edition of the Venice City Solutions explored how to make SDGs a reality for all from the local level. Further editions of the event are planned to happen in the next years.

This document gathers the conclusions and recommendations by participants to the “Venice City Solutions 2030 – Financing the SDGs” that took place in Venice, Italy on 16th and 17th November 2018.