Displaced in Cities : Experiencing and Responding to Urban Internal Displacement Outside Camps

Grayson, C.L. & Cotroneo, A.
Publication language
Date published
13 Aug 2018
Research, reports and studies
Host Communities, Refugee Camps, Urban
Somalia, Nigeria, Iraq, Honduras

Internal displacement is an increasingly urban phenomenon. This is partly because in a quickly urbanizing world, when cities become sites of armed conflict and other violence, greater numbers are affected. It is also because people from rural areas are seeking safety in cities, further contributing to global urbanization trends.

This report explores the experiences of people internally displaced in urban settings, outside camps, and their hosts. It also examines the humanitarian response, identifying promising approaches and challenges, and reflects on more effective ways of meeting the needs and expectations of people affected.

The report draws on case studies conducted in Baidoa in Somalia, Maiduguri in Nigeria, Mosul in Iraq and San Pedro Sula in Honduras, on interviews with key informants and a literature review.