Climate action enhancer

46 pp
Date published
01 Jul 2018
Tools, guidelines and methodologies
Disaster preparedness, resilience and risk reduction, Environment & climate, Urban
UN Habitat

The Resilience Enhancers developed under the City Resilience Profiling Tool isolate the crosscutting themes that underpin UN-Habitat's resilience building methodology into an advocacy and training tool.  The Enhancers provide both an understanding of the relationship between the topic in focus (i.e.  Gender, Climate Action,  Humanitarian Action among others) and development, development agendas, resilience and the CRPT. In the case of the latter, the indicators related to the topic have been extracted from the global CRPT and are included in the Enhancers. They can provide a first approach to the resilience related matter, taking into consideration the systemic, holistic and comprehensive understanding of urban resilience that moves away from assessment in silos. The objective of the Enhancer is to help governmental actors or other partners to assess the resilience of their urban settlements while putting a special focus on certain topics that need to be addressed such as gender or climate. They can be used as a starting point to assess resilience and to discuss how to take resilience building further. The Climate Action Enhancer firstly explores the links between the climate, urban development and resilience before detailing the specific indicators from the CRPT that can be applied to obtain a snapshot of the city from a climate lens. Like the CRPT, the CAE indicators are mapped in parallel with the targets of global agendas such as the Sustainable Development Goals and New Urban Agenda.