Adolescents in Transition in the Horn of Africa

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01 Jun 2018
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Children & youth, Conflict, violence & peace, Protection, human rights & security
Kenya, Ethiopia, Somalia
Save the Children

Cycles of drought, conflict and political instability in the Horn of Africa (Kenya, Ethiopia and Somalia) continue to impact the wellbeing of children, and the situation is getting worse with the frequency of crises and growing population pressures. Internal and cross-border displacement and migration is increasing across the region, resulting in unplanned growth of small town centres and urban areas. While in transition, adolescent boys and girls face challenges in accessing services in new locations, are exposed to violence and exploitation, have limited livelihood opportunities on arrival and often lack access to development assistance.

Adolescents in Transition is a body of thought and programmatic approach that Save the Children is developing to support vulnerable youth to ensure that they are protected, empowered and healthy as they move throughout the region. The target group of boys and girls aged 12-18 years is characterized by their physical “transition” from their rural areas of origin into growing town centres, and beyond, sometimes moving back and forth between different locations. It also encompasses their transition from traditional livelihood practices to new ways of earning income and supporting their families with an eye to preventing child marriage as a coping strategy.

Save the Children focuses on breakthroughs for children in survival, learning, and protection. Focusing on adolescents in transition contributes to this ambition by ensuring that young people are healthy, empowered and safe during transition, and that boys and girls have equal opportunities. There is also a recognition that adolescents are still connected to family units and as much as possible, we want to ensure that caregivers are able to invest in their children’s well-being and education to prevent unsafe migration.