12,000 Voices - A COVID-19 Rapid Assessment Report

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29 May 2020
Rapid Learning Review
Assessment & Analysis, Children & youth, Comms, media & information, Disaster preparedness, Epidemics & pandemics, Evidence, COVID-19
Street Child

Street Child, in collaboration with over 50 national partners, has conducted a rapid assessment of needs and gaps in provision for the poorest, most marginalised populations. In one of the largest global assessments of the COVID-19 crisis to date - this global report represents the perspectives of more than 12,000 respondents and illustrates the impact the pandemic is having on learning, livelihoods and lives. 

At the outset, the report reveals positive progress on awareness: Over 95% all respondents are aware of COVID-19 and at least 90% report taking action to prevent and prepare for the pandemic - much of which was attributed to mass messaging campaigns from government and non-government actors. However, whilst almost all respondents report at least an attempt at action, there are alarming gaps in the adoption of critical strategies, such as avoiding crowded areas, avoiding contact, and increasing hand washing and hygiene.