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Lessons Learned on Typhoons in the Philippines


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Resource type:Lessons papers
Keywords:Disasters, Typhoons, Urban
Agency:Groupe URD - Groupe Urgence Rehabilitation Developpement
Author(s):Grünewald, F. & Boyer, B.
Date published:November 2013

As part of the post disaster Real Time Evaluation in urban settings, the disasters that affected
Northern Mindanao, a series of key lessons were identified. They were supported by a
review of the impact of the floods that it Manila in 2009 and consecutive aid mobilization that
followed. This conducted to an two prong analysis in order to take into account the variety of
situations potentially affecting the Filipino Archipelago.

- Floods in Megapolis, especially these long lasting floods which challenge urban
planning as much as the emergency response capacity;
- Floods in smaller urban contexts, where small to medium scale funds are required but
when speed is the essence of the matter. The utilization of DG ECHO’s Small Scale
disaster instrument could there be observed.

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