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Here you will find a selection of video and other multimedia resources about urban humanitarian issues. If you know of a resource not listed, please get in touch through the Contact Us page.


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Knowledge into action: British Red Cross' experiences going urban

Ted Tuthill, Recovery Operations Manager at the British Red Cross, presents his organisation's experience of putting their urban agenda into action. The webinar looks at the operational as well as the institutional level to explain how the findings from BRC's Urban Learning Project are being incorporated into current and future programmes and training and learning. Download the presentation 

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Engaging Violent Cities: Operational Challenges for Humanitarian Action in Urban Areas

This HPCR webcast explores humanitarian agencies' decision-making processes and seeks to answer questions such as, How do humanitarian organizations determine where to act, and what type of events trigger the need to intervene? What are the measures of vulnerability and how do humanitarians assess their impact in violent cities?

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Webinar: Understanding the city better as the key to disaster response and reconstruction - UN Habitat's experiences

Recording of the webinar 'Understanding the city better as the key to disaster response and reconstruction - UN Habitat's experiences' presented by Jean-Christophe Adrian, Director of the Liaison Office for European Institutions, UN-Habitat, with panellist Paul Knox Clarke, Head of Research and Communications at ALNAP.

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Webinar: Responding to urban disasters

Recording of the webinar 'Responding to urban disasters: Learning from previous relief and recovery operations' presented by David Sanderson, Director of CENDEP, with panellist Paul Knox Clarke, Head of Research and Communications at ALNAP. The presentation is based on an ALNAP Lessons Paper published in November 2012.

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APDER Video Tutorials

Video Tutorials to explain the SMIS (Spherical Model Information System) and to understand how to use the different Spherical Models and what makes the difference to previous methods applied in disaster management, reconstruction, and development cooperation.

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A Valley Filled with Hope: The Story of the Marikina Shelter Project

Video on a comprehensive shelter programme in Marikina, Philippines supported by Cities Alliance.

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Making Room for a Planet of Cities Launch

Speaking to an audience of urban specialists in addition to World Bank and Cities Alliance staff Shlomo Angel discussed how his team’s quantitative dimensions of past, present, and future urban land cover points to the urgency of adopting a “making room paradigm” as a more realistic strategy for cities and metropolitan regions to prepare for their inevitable expansion.

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Urban Sanitation: An NGO's Experience in Pune and Sangli, India

Six minute film about NGO Shelter Associates' work in improving access to sanitation for the urban poor in Western India.

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Climate Change and Jakarta

This film was produced by the World Bank team in Jakarta in partnership with the Provincial Government of DKI Jakarta. It seeks to raise awareness and support understanding of the impacts of climate change in the city, and highlight the myriad ways in which the government and communities are adapting and responding.

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Urbanized is a feature-length documentary about the design of cities, which looks at the issues and strategies behind urban design and features some of the world’s foremost architects, planners, policymakers, builders, and thinkers.

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On the Complexity of Life in the African City

Lecture by AbdouMaliq Simone, an urbanist in the broad sense that his work focuses on various powers, cultural expressions, governance and planning discourses, spaces and times in cities across the world.

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Violence Prevention through Urban Upgrading

Matthew Krause of the groundbreaking Violence Prevention through Urban Upgrading, a Khayelitsha based project that has been credited with contributing to crime prevention and community wellness.

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Food Security in an Urbanizing World

The second session in SSF’s Urbanization in a Growing World series explored food security, one among a host of challenges cities face in light of climate change. As the global population becomes increasingly urbanized, cities are especially vulnerable to the effects of climate change, but are also uniquely poised to respond nimbly to this threat.

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Urbanization and Growth on a Finite Planet

The introduction in SSF’s Urbanization in a Growing World series highlights the challenges and opportunities presented by rapid urbanization, relating to the subjects of our subsequent sessions: food security, infrastructure, economic development and governance.

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World Bank’s Urban Strategy

he World Bank is putting forth its new Urban and Local Government Strategy at a critical time. For the first time in history, more than half the worlds people live in cities. Over 90 percent of urban growth is occurring in the developing world, adding an estimated 70 million new residents to urban areas each year. The new Strategy advocates a new paradigm aimed at harnessing urbanization for growth and poverty reduction.

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From a Box to Sleep in to a House to Live in: Urban Issues in Port-au-Prince

This documentary from Groupe URD highlights the organisation's work on urban humanitarian issues in Haiti.

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Urban Cash Pilot in Mathare

WFP project addressing urban food security and livelihoods in Kenya.

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Creating Smarter Cities with the Urban Poor

On June 7, 2012 in Washington, DC, Brian English, Director of Program Innovation at CHF spoke about how CHF is creating smarter cities with the urban poor at Tedx Adams Morgan.

India's Urban Transformation: From Challenge to Opportunity

Aromar Revi, Director of the Indian Institute for Human Settlements on Indian urbanisation and the opportunities it presents for the country. Audio talk and Q&A session from African Centre for Cities' Public Discourse lecture series.

Cities and Development

This lecture by Professor Manuel Castells was part of the African Centre for Cities' Public Discourse lecture series in 2009.

Making Cities Inclusive

Slum Dwellers International is a platform where governments and slum dwellers engage as partners in urban development. Together they co-produce cities that include the poor. This video discusses the role of slums in the world's increasing population of city dwellers.


In this GapCast, Hans Rosling focuses on urbanization. In four minutes he give a short overview over the urban challenge, showing the last 40 years of development in urbanization and economic growth.

Conflict and State Fragility

Cities have long been connected with processes of bureaucratisation & state-building, as indeed they have long been linked to conflict and war. Cities have changed, states have changed, & armed conflict itself has changed. In this respect, cities are increasingly critical locations of conflict, both directly and indirectly. Professor Jo Beall discusses some findings from the "Conflict and State Fragility" project she has directed over the last 10 years.

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Cities and crises: urban fragility, humanitarian action and the challenges of reconstruction in cities

One day conference hosted by Groupe URD on 26 April 2011. The conference focuses on fragility in built and urban environments in the context of the 2010 Haiti earthquake and on the challenges of humanitarian and reconstruction operations in these environments.

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Ensuring Children’s Right to Education in a Fast Growing Urban Society

To discuss how urbanization has impacted education, UNICEF’s podcast moderator Femi Oke spoke with two guests: Dr. Pamela Wridt, Co-Director of Children’s Environments Research Group (CERG) , and Carlos Vasquez, a UNICEF Education Specialist.

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Urban Disasters - Lessons from Haiti

Preparing for the next urban disasters- 10 lessons from Haiti for aid agencies. The presentation summarises the findings of DEC Haiti urban study "Urban Disasters -- Lessons from Haiti". The study of members agencies response to Haiti highlights practical lessons that should guide future urban disaster responses.

Food Vouchers Help Afghanistan's Urban Poor

WFP program in Kabul addressing rising food prices. Women are given monthly food vouchers that allow them to buy food at shops just like anyone else.

Podcast: A Conversation with the World Bank Urban Unit's Junaid Ahmad

Ntombini Marrengane, State of the Cities in Africa Project Coordinator at the ACC, talks to Junaid Ahmad during a recent meeting in Cape Town about the nature of challenges facing urban Africa in the 21st century and the role of the World Bank in supporting sustainable development.

Abidjan : éclairages sur une crise en milieu urbain et réponses humanitaires apportées

Series of speeches presented at an event hosted by CERAH GENEVE 1 Dec 2011. Speakers include Gilles Carbonnier, François Grünewald, Patrick Villedieu, Thomas Calvot.

Language: French

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WBI: Cities as Engines of Economic Growth

This new 10-minute film features some of the world's leading experts in urban development along with city leaders from around the world. It was produced by award-winning filmmaker Babar Ahmed, and focuses on solutions to the challenges that cities face today.

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UCLG: Can You Think Global Development?

United Cities and Local Governments (UCLG) video on the key role of cities in sustainable development and poverty reduction.

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Urbanisation and the Continent: The Big Picture

Professor Edgar Pieterse and Tau Tavengwa speaks as part of the African Centre for Cities Urban Podcast Series.

Urban Planning: Institutions and Regulations, Including Improvement of Quality of Life

In anticipation of the Sixth World Urban Forum (WUF 6) in Naples, Italy in September 2012, the National Building Museum hosts a series of dialogues chaired and organized by a network of cross-sector U.S. urban policy stakeholders. Shared here as an audio podcast.

Urban refugees awareness campaign

A new awareness campaign on urban refugees is exposing the hidden crisis of millions of refugees who disappear into the urban sprawl and the problems they face every day.

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Changing the Way Whole Communities Think About Sustainability

In this discussion, held as part of the Open Book Festival 2011 in Cape Town, Edgar Pieterse, Tau Tavengwa and Sean O'Toole talk about the CityScapes project.

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Living in the Endless City

Ricky Burdett, director of LSE Cities and co-editor of the volume Living in the endless City, speaks about the 500-page tour de force at the Open Book Festival 2011 in Cape Town.

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All about CityScapes

In this discussion, held as part of the Open Book Festival 2011 in Cape Town, Edgar Pieterse, Tau Tavengwa and Sean O'Toole talk about the CityScapes project.

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Space, Affect, Security: Reflections on 'Outcharming' Crime in the City

Lecturer Christine Hentschel says, 'In my reflections on space, affect and security I seek to capture the aesthetic and affective dimensions of everyday city-making in a South African metropolis. I discovered that making places safe is no longer just about putting up fences, surveillance cameras or alarm systems.'