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Urban Situational Analysis Tool

Save the Children, The Urban Institute

The tool is aimed at practitioners and program design teams to assist in planning urban projects and programs in the context of urban poverty, inequality and vulnerability.

Timeframe: January - June 2016

Latest update on 8 March 2016: A few weeks ago we piloted the urban situational analysis guideline in Bangladesh and we are now in process of refining to the point it can be shared. We are expecting the guideline and toolkit to be completed by June 2016.

The Urban Situation Analysis Guide, co-developed with The Urban Institute and Save the Children’s Child Rights Governance Global Initiative, is a first attempt at a systematic tool to assess child-relevant challenges in urban situations. It is meant to help Save the Children country offices and city governments to understand the nature and dynamics of challenges children face in urban areas, and to provide a baseline level of understanding for programs intended to make cities friendlier for children, and to ensure that children's basic rights are implemented in urban areas.

The guide uses a two-step process to understand both the needs of deprived urban children and how to design effective programs that respond to the underlying development problems.The first step includes a review of national government systems that pertain to urban governance, followed by a review of the general problems children face in the specific urban area in question. This section can be thought of as "setting the scene" for the identification of a specific opportunity or challenge that children face. The second section includes a set of tables that can be applied to that specific challenge or opportunity, with the purpose of understanding its underlying dynamics, and shedding more light on the stakeholders SC may wish to involve in taking action