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About this initiative

In follow up to the 27th ALNAP Annual Meeting The Urban Challenge: Adapting humanitarian response to a changing world, and on the basis of recommendations made by the participants at the meeting, ALNAP and UN-Habitat developed the Urban Humanitarian Response Portal for sharing resources that support learning and accountability efforts in urban disasters and conflict situations. The initiative has been supported by MSF and WFP who kindly shared their own extensive bibliographies on urban response.


The objectives of the Urban Humanitarian Response Portal were:

  1. to provide agencies currently engaged in or planning a response to an urban humanitarian crisis with reference material about cities and crises, urban humanitarian response, urban preparedness and early recovery;
  2. to provide a platform for knowledge sharing on urban response, recovery and reconstruction and promote joint learning, networking and lessons learning and hopefully avoid duplication; and
  3. to allow the sharing of information that is being collected through evaluations and other learning initiatives.

In addition to a collection of urban response resources, the portal hosts a discussion board for urban humanitarian issues and features relevant events and multimedia.



Thank you to the African Food Security Urban Network (AFSUN) for giving us permission to include their publications.